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Because everyone's taste and taste are different, there is no absolute authoritative top list of movies. In addition, there are some big differences between the ratings of domestic Douban and IMDB, so the ranking of these movies has changed greatly.

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A total of 430+films were shortlisted this time. In addition to the ratings of various websites, there are also the Top 250 Douban Films, Top 100, and Top 250 IMDB as the basis for ranking. Finally, the top 365 world top films were selected

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TOP 365, British Patient Score: 7.900

The film takes the war and desert as the background to interpret a love tragedy that spans time and space. During World War II, a British plane was shot down by the German army when flying over the Sahara Desert. The pilot's face was completely burned. The local people saved him and sent him to the Allied field hospital. The injured pilot lost his memory and could not remember who he was, so he was only called "British Patient".

Bean Paste: 8.4

Time: 7.9



Douban Movie TOP250:180

Top 100 Time Movies:

Top 250 IMDB movies:

TOP 364, Golden Age Score: 8.167

Bean Paste: 8.2

Time: 8.2



Top 250 Douban Movies:

Top 100 Time Movies:

IMDB Movies TOP250:222

TOP 363, God of Sushi Rating: 8.267

This film records the course of Ono Erlang's lifelong pursuit of creating perfect sushi. At the same time, it also interviewed his eldest son, Seiichi Ono, about his heavy pressure to follow his father's footsteps.

Bean Paste: 8.8

Time: 8.1


Douban Movie TOP250:239

Top 100 Time Movies:

Top 250 IMDB movies:

TOP 362, Star Wars 7: The Force Awakening Score: 7.633

The background story of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set 31 years after Star Wars 3: Samurai Revenge. It tells the story of Rae the scavenger, Finn the Stormtrooper and the heroes of the resistance organization working together to fight against the evil conspiracy of the First Order.