Beautiful life

Eight classic films

Now there are more and more classic movies. Now let's share some classic movies that you can't miss. Little friends who haven't seen them, please hurry up!

The Shawshank Redemption

The theme of the film is "hope". If you haven't seen this film, you can't really say that you are a movie fan. This film has taught us a truth. At the critical moment, you are the most reliable one. Classic lines: cowardice imprisons people's souls, and hope can set you free.

Farewell to my concubine

This film is adapted from Li Bihua's novel of the same name. The film focuses on the joys and sorrows of two Peking Opera actors for half a century, and shows their thinking and understanding of traditional culture, human living conditions and human nature. This film not only enjoys world-class important honors, but also has been successfully distributed. It is one of the films with the highest artistic achievements in the Chinese film industry.


He is a lonely killer, but he accidentally saves a girl. From the moment he opened the door, the end of his life changed. In this killer elegy, we see the process of human nature from extinction to recovery. Leon was happy at the last moment, with a smile on his face. He did what he had always wanted to do in his life.

Forrest Gump

The most impressive thing about this film is that Forrest Gump is running and advancing constantly, and finally, "Fools are blessed with fools" creates miracles in many fields. In the process of running, he showed such beautiful feelings as honesty, trustworthiness, seriousness, courage and persistence.

Beautiful life

The film tells the story of a Jewish father and son who were sent to the Nazi concentration camp. The father used his imagination to tell a lie that they were in a game, so that his son was not hurt, but he died miserably. Even if you are born in the dark and sad, you should also create happiness so that your son can grow up healthily. He lets his son live in a game of beautiful lies. I don't know if you would think such a wise person would come out after those shots and continue to say good morning to his princess. (Very touching!)


Wall e is a love drama full of waves. Even if it is still an ordinary happy ending, it is still wall e and feels so moved. After watching it, two robots call each other in their ears all the time, expectant, warm and unique. Till the end of the world, I still yearn for love.


The old couple who are not afraid of death, the band that is not disturbed by the outside world, the man who is a fake father for a living, and the woman who whistles for her lover. It is all for a kind of spiritual perseverance. Titanic not only interprets the greatness of love, but also shows the various forms of life. No matter how many times you have seen it, it is still memorable.

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Inception space

This is a suspicious film. The plot of this film, which wanders between dreams and reality, is defined as a contemporary action sci-fi film occurring in the structure of consciousness. After watching the movie, you may have doubts about the world for a while.